My website is intended to create a porthole into my synergistic approach to dental care. I believe that a patient is more than a set of 32 teeth. For many years we have throught of our teeth as separate from the rest of our body—an accessory, perhaps. If they caused trouble, they could be pulled. They could also be replaced with a wooden set, like George Washington, or in modern time with acrylic dentures. These artificial teeth usually were uncomfortable and spent more time in the wearer’s pocket than in their mouth! We now know that teeth are the first step to our digestive system, they aid in the absorption of critical nutrients that make our bodies healthy. We also know that diseases that affect our bodies have a relationship with how healthy we keep our teeth and gums.

All the dental professionals in my office understand, through years of education, how each of these factors affects you. We have nutritional counseling, oral hygiene coaching, tobacco cessation program information, and literature that can help you to see how your oral health can affect your heart and other systems. We keep you up to date on the latest advances in dental science—whether it be news from the American Heart Association regarding pre-medication for dental visits, or updates on drugs like Fosamax, we strive to give you unbiased information. (“Strictly the facts, Ma’am”) We feel that an educated patient, one that understands the what, how and why of it, has a more satisfied experience, and better overall health.