2015 Sea 2 Sierra Campaign for WRS

Click here for make a donation to the 2015 S2S campaign for Women’s Recovery Services

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Professional At-Home Whitening

Many patients are looking for an affordable at-home whitening option. Crest 3D Professional Supreme Whitestrips give most patients great results. No trays. No gel. Now in stock at the office.

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Follow me as I ride through France!

Click the link below to follow Dr. Azmoudeh as he makes his way through France.  As of this afternoon, he was 90 km from Brest and stated it was his most challenging ride to date. He is tired and cold, after riding 29 hours, with constant climbing. Hopefully, the way back will be downhill!


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Bon Jour Paris! Story of Randoneering

What goes together better than summer and bikes? Summer and bikes AND Paris, of course! This years summer vacation will be a 1200 kilometer ride in France. Many patients have asked me to keep them posted – so here is my first entry: the story of “randoneering” – listen to the clip below.

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Protect your teeth against everyday acid challenges

It’s never too early to protect your enamel from the effects of everyday acids –

1. Avoid holding acidic foods and drinks in your mouth- or sipping drinks over long periods of time.

2. Brush your teeth gently but thoroughly with an extra soft or soft toothbrush.

3. Do not brush your teeth immediately after consuming acid-rich foods […]

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